Real Estate Token

Most Trusted Cryptocurrency Investment

Giving you the stability real estate investments offer with the explosive potential of cryptocurrency.

Block chain solutions with real estate as collateral. Invest in a coin you can trade with stable rental income producing real estate as collateral.


RET is a solution for traditional investors and crypto investors to invest together in a coin that offers stability, returns on investment and trading options. With RET you will own a share in actual income producing real estate and the coin is listed on a exchange. No matter the value of the coin your ownership in the real estate remains the same. If you sell or trade your coin you automatically lose your share in the real estate collateral.

No fear of loss

Our coin is backed by real estate with rental income. The rental income and the real estate is owned by the RET holders. No matter what the coin is priced at on the exchange the value of the real estate and your share in the real estate remains the same. We believe the value of the coin will rise constantly but even if the value falls the income produced by the real estate owed by the coin is always constant.with RET 80% of The rental income will be added to the liquidity pool giving every investor the chance to safely invest in traditional real estate with having the explosive potential on returns that cyrpto can offer.

How to buy

Easy and safe transaction buy and trade on the #1 swap platform. With RET your safety comes first not just when investing in our coin but when holding and trading the coin. We have decided to list RET on pancake swap and on Binance or other reputable exchanges only. We also allow you to buy the coin directly from us. If you would like to buy RET directly using cash the process is easy. Click on the WhatsApp button and contact us. You will be directed on how you can make a cash purchase and the funds transferred to us directly using moneygram.

Future plans

Our plans for the future are to have a market place for buyers and sellers like amazon or ebay, our own exchange where you will be able to trade all coins not just RET and to keep increasing the real estate portfolio so the amount of revenue generated will constantly grow reaching $2,000,000 yearly in rental revenue all of which will be put into liquidity to increase the value of the coin constantly. We plan to use the income generated by the marketplace and the exchange as liquidity constantly increase the value using multiple streams of income.


30% launch pool on exchange.

30% presale at a
25% reduced price

Presale tokens placed in locked wallet for 24 months and sold only to private investors. Whale proof token.

20% cost of Real Estate.

10% Marketing

10% Dev Wallet & Team